October 22, 2017

Basketball Dreams - Youth with Developemental Challenges - THE DCYBA


Together with Anne Carr & Carol May I had the life-changing opportunity to help grow the DCYBA (Developmentally Challenged Youth Basketball Association) into a successful basketball program.

We started our first program and team at Marpole Community Centre with the Vancouver Suns.  Then expanded to launch the Richmond Raptors and Surrey Sonics and a second Vancouver team. From only a few players we grew to coaching almost 80 boys.

Just seeing the joy shine in the boys eyes made everyone feel good and happy and their personal development over the years as both basketball players and young men was beyond my belief.  

For almost a decade I was involved with the boys (most boys are men now) of the DCYBA. It was a highlight of my life. I could not be more proud of them and I will never be able to thank Ann Carr and Carol May enough for their personal efforts and allowing me to work with them.

Congratulations guys and thank you all!!!

Coach Ron Putzi

DCYBA PURPOSE: The DCY Basketball Association promotes and supports the development of basketball programs for youth with developmental challenges in BC.

WHO THE DCYBA SERVES: Young men ages 13 to 25, who have the interest in the sport and the basic abilities needed to develop the skills and concepts of team basketball in an athletic setting. These include the ability to bounce or dribble a ball and to take 3-step direction. Our program includes basic skill development, team play and competitive game strategies.