September 18, 2014

Dusko Ivanovic vs. Ron Putzi

Dusko Ivanovic vs. Ron Putzi

The Best Display of Shooting I Have Ever Seen.

In 1995, while playing basketball for Fribourg Olympic in Switzerland I was paired-up to run a competitive shooting drill versus my teammate, ex-European Basketball Champion, Dusko Ivanovic.

We ran a common shooting drill. Sprint to half court (after every shot), then run back to the free-throw line to take free-throw line range jump-shot (alternating game-speed jump shots from the left and right side – ‘the junctions’). Each player shot 10 shots then switched.  

Dusko Ivanovic shot:  10/10   10/10   10/10   10/10  and 9/10  = 49/50  (not bad)

More precise: Dusko shot 49/49 (100%) then missed his final 50th shot – before getting visibly upset with himself.  Again, Dusko sprinting 100%, receiving my pass (it’s all in the pass), then taking a game-speed jump shot only missed his last shot. (Wow!!!)  

I lost the shooting drill and ran my set of punishment lines with a smile on my face… and a much better understanding of how Dusko scored 36 points versus the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

Best display of shooting I have ever seen. 

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