October 22, 2017


Chongem Diem!

THE CHONG WEBSITE (est. May 1, 2014)

“Here & There for You” 

“Fun & Free” 

Founders and Administrators: Edward Byrne (Europe) Ronald A. Putzi (Canada) Dr. O (United States of America)

Selection Committee:   Chong Approved / Rejected

Edward Byrne (Europe) Ronald A. Putzi (Canada) Dr. O (United States of America) Jason Pamer (Canada) The Graq (Middle East) Kelly Boucher (Australia) Woman (TBA shortly)

Contact Information: ronputzi@gmail.com



Chong respectfully, creatively, and with positive personal feeling.

Chong with grace, love for life, and for the power within yourself. 

Chong for how you feel today, or how you wish others to feel.  

Chong for the NOW in your life. 

Chong for those who cannot Chong with you today. 

Chong is not prejudicial; it proudly backs the global LGBT community. 

Chong supports equality – no matter the race, religion, group, age, or sex.  

Chong does not support terrorism. 


Most Chongers choose to first spread their feet wide apart, building a stable well-balanced foundation – pressing their feet firmly into the ground – usually bending at the knees. Most Chongers have their arms stretched out and slightly bent with one hand further in front of the other. Most Chongers cup their hands as if holding a large beach-ball, then adopt a creative facial expression (usually puffy-cheeks as if blowing out birthday candles).


Some well-supported exceptions to the above may include, though are not limited to: Chonging in water, midair, on one knee, or with feet completely together. You may opt having your back flat on the ground, or arms stretched out wide at equal-lengths. Also, you may look directly into the camera or use your own personal freedom of expression and look away. The goal – always – is to instill a sense of happiness. We want you living both in and for the moment.

You can do something different today. Your Chong is yours. Therefore own, enjoy, and embrace it.  It feels absolutely exhilarating to Chong every time.


WHERE and WHAT TO CHONG?     You may Chong anywhere in the world. However, admittedly, the most valued are…  

Capital Cities   

Famous People    

World Famous Landmarks    

Rare Countries     



Special Situations (Please qualify your answer)



You are feeling a tremendous urge to Chong because the experience itself is exhilarating.  For a few short seconds you remove yourself far from the monotony and seriousness of your life’s daily routine. Yes, it is a tad crazy (we have never denied that), but it is therapeutic.  Some people Chong for the less fortunate. Some as a sign of respect to the bride and/or groom and others unabashedly to energize themselves and/or others.  Some Chong to be creative, artistic, different; or to escape, connect, possibly come together. And those are only a few reasons why YOU/WE all Chong.



Chonging is for all men, women, toys and animals. If feel that you are one of these please Chong.

Also see below –  History of the Chong, The Chong Song, Best Chongs in History…etc. 


HERE WE GO…Qui Amant Chong